Looking to get an edge on the competition?  At Zenith Strength and Performance, our coaches are dedicated to providing superior coaching for athletes to improve speed, power, quickness, strength and conditioning.

It starts with a movement and performance assessment so we can and individualize and tailor the program to the athlete.  Using our proven system, our goal is to create an athlete who is stronger, faster, better conditioned, more resilient and less likely to get injured.  We have worked with athletes ranging from pro MMA fighters to high school athletes, playing tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

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   Testimonials from our Athletes

David Hsu. Stanford Tennis

Shortly after working with at ZSP I started to notice an improvement in my tennis, strength, and fitness. After a few more months, I could definitely see the big changes in my game. Shyam truly is experienced in what he does, and he is prepared to take anybody’s game and fitness to the next level.


Beattie Roggasch MT Pleasant Basketball

Since I started training at ZSP, I have seen my vertical jump increase, I’m getting a lot quicker off my feet and I am a lot stronger. I like that the coaches push me to work hard and they are always looking out for what’s best for the athlete whether its nutritional advice or an idea to help me recover better from practice. I would say if you have a goal and you want to succeed and accomplish that goal you need to train here.

Justin Willis, MMA fighter

Zenith is where I train to get in peak conditioning for my upcoming fights.

Justin won his UFC Heavyweight  fight at Glasgow, July 16, 2017

Kenneth Tao. Harvard Tennis

From the trademark “PRI” warm-up that Zenith Strength endorses to the grueling lunges and single leg RDL that has been so emblematic of my time at Zenith, I have seen my athletic performance improve leaps and bounds since starting three years ago. Personally I had a chronic knee issue that Shyam helped to address, that was greatly alleviated over the years. I looked forward to training there; training alongside several other top athletes in the area which made the atmosphere that much more intense.