Meet Our Coaches

Shyam Soin

Shyam Soin is the founder and General Manager of Zenith Strength. As a talented and well respected Strength and Conditioning coach with 8 years of hands-on training experience, he has worked with many athletes, including the top tennis juniors in Northern California. Shyam was responsible for improving their conditioning and quickness, and played an integral role with their improved performance on the court.

Shyam has also improved the lives of many dedicated Bay Area residents by helping them overcome injuries and return to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Shyam has  worked as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Santa Clara University Women’s Tennis Team.  He is certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Joe Ochsner

Joe grew up as an athlete competing at the varsity level in football and wrestling through all four years of high school.  Joe’s thirst for knowledge about training and programming led him to pursue his career in fitness.

He is majoring in Kinesiology and is passionate about  working with young athletes as well as helping everyday people to improve their fitness level and  health.